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Golital is an online flower shop. Golital first goal is to make it easier for people in the community to access flowers and plants, and will bring the energy psychological and physiological benefits of flower to Iranian home. The use of flowers and plants in social relationship is a way to create happiness, peace, mental health and good feeling among people.Golital second goal is to share the flower farmers with the lucrative he profits on the flower industry and to sell them directly to their and costumers without intermediaries. This will shorten the path to purchase and increase productivity and reduce waste of resources . Golital next goal is to create a visual space for artists in the flower industry to present their products and creations to end users. The world will be more peaceful and hopeful with flowers.

Our Product


Orchids symbolize fertility, charm, love and beauty .If you decide to send an orchid flower to someone, you have actually shown your passion for it. The fascinating truth about orchids is that this amazing flower brings peace and quiet to the environment. Orchids, while extremely diverse, have been extremely rare. Orchids have been a favorite of kings. Beautiful flowers that symbolize love, purity and luxury. This product comes in two types of pots and cut flowers.


There is nothing in the world about the beauty and elegance of fresh roses. Roses are probably the most famous and popular flowers. A colorful bouquet of roses is the perfect gift to brighten the day for someone you care about. Choose to show the love and passion of the red rose, for friendship, happiness and love of the yellow rose, for pure and unadulterated white emotions. Also dont forget the two colors of pink, orange, purple, rose and rose. A romantic gift, anniversary celebration, greeting an occasion or a layout with a rose will be brighter and will surely be remembered.


Antrium is a world famous plant. It cleans air from particulate matter and many harmful substances, and has a special place in NASAs Clean Air Studies. The visibility of this lovely flower is very high and is an ideal choice for banquet tables and restaurants. This product is also available as a flower pot and cut flower. The antimony vase holds the flower in perfect condition for nearly two months.


Lilium is one of the most delicate flowers in the lily family. This flower has an incredible beauty and is sometimes recognized as a luxury item in world markets. Lilium has a high capacity for air purification and is a good choice for your banquets and gifts to your loved ones.


Alstroemeria is a younger flower than any other flower, and it has not been far from Peru to the rest of the world. Although Alstromeria has no place in literature and history, it has many enthusiasts in the flower world. This flower is a symbol of friendship and comradeship and of course mutual support among the people because of the blossoming of flowers. All in all, this flower is more for friendship than love. Some believe that putting this flower around you will attract more friends. As mentioned, Alstromeria is a symbol of friendship. The reason is the lovely blossoms that live together for the rest of their lives and reside on a refreshingly small stem. Alstroemeria is odorless and therefore popular in restaurants and cafes. Those who are also sensitive to the smell and roundness of the flower can use the flower without any problems.


Narcissus is a plant that blooms in the cold seasons of the year and when the flowers are limited, the narcissus blooms. Narcissus is a symbol of hope, this flower comes in the hard and cold days of winter to remind us to look forward to returning to spring and seeing flowers and blossoms. This durable flower is a symbol of hope for the future, and along with wheat, it shows hope and blessings.

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